At Capital Power we are dedicated to supplying the high quality electrical contracting services to both domestic and commercial clients. The work we provide will always be to a high standard and we make sure to consider electrical safety values in everything we do.

What we find is equally important is helping individuals and businesses to take health and safety around electricals as seriously as we do and make them aware of the very simple steps they can take to avoid damage or even death. The use of electrical goods has become so common place in 21st Century living that we sometimes are complacent around appliances that can cause us harm.

Safety around electricals will never really change and much of the advice we give is common sense. We feel it makes sense to reiterate the points though, to keep them fresh in your mind. Below we recap some of the basics, though this doesn’t make them any less crucial to protecting you and others.

Let’s face it, we get all get into bad habits, especially when it comes to using electricals. Here are some of the more important things to remember at home and at work:

1. The most important and top of the list is to use qualified tradesmen and contractors when having electrical work performed. Ask for relevant certification and perform background checks with the organisations they claim to be a part of. A DIY fix isn’t always the answer and a little extra money is nothing compared to safety.

2. Make sure to never overload a plug socket with multiple appliances. The more you ask of a single point, the higher the heat that will be developed. Heat can equal electrical fires, so make sure you are evenly spread.

3. Keep electricals away from water. You may think this is obvious but it isn’t always obeyed. We don’t just mean ‘stop ironing in the bath’ either, as just having wet hands when handling an appliance can prove equally dangerous. Stay dry.

4. When you aren’t using them it makes sense to turn off appliances. This isn’t just great for safety but lowering bills too, and a useful habit to fall into. If you are away for an extended period make sure that every appliance in the house is unplugged. This isn’t just an old wives tale, electrical fires can happen if not monitored.

5. If a cord, plug or socket is damaged then replace it. Don’t keep on using it, each time thinking ‘I must get this replaced’. Safety must come above inconvenience.

So there we go. A few of the basics that we should all remember. If you are having any problems with your electricals, or need more advise on installation, then get in touch today and speak to a member of our team about how Capital Power and Data can help.