Residential Lightining Installation

Lighting Installations

At Capital Power and Data we are able to provide specialist lighting for residential projects that include both new builds, refurbishment and exclusive development. Our highly trained team of engineers are able to work on your lighting from initial design, to installation and subsequent testing. Due to this projects can be easily tailored to suit your needs and meet your requirements.

Regardless of the size of your project, our residential lighting services are guaranteed to be of the highest standard and meet all safety guidelines. We are able to install for a single, intimate space, or design creative installations for the full property. The lighting choice itself can be recommended by one of our team, as well as the control options available. This will be based on a full assessment of your property to be able to offer the most suitable designs and components.

We always make sure to fully integrate a new system into your existing surroundings, to keep your lighting and controls in keeping with the ambience of the selected room. The control systems themselves are easy to navigate, with full training and instruction manuals included for ease of use. At Capital Power we are dedicated making sure that all our installation projects are produced to the highest standards and stick closely to client guidelines.

Lighting Retrofits and Upgrades Emergency Lighting
Self-testing emergency lighting Escape Lighting
Temporary Lighting External Lighting
Energy saving lighting solutions LG7 compliant solutions
Upgrades Fault Finding and repairs
LED Solutions Intelligent lighting control/lighting management systems
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