In the past 12 months there has been a huge increase in the amount of LED light bulbs being made available, with quality increasing and prices dropping. They are now mainstream enough to be found in both domestic and commercial property around the country but if you are still unconvinced about whether LED lighting is for you then hopefully this post will help you make the switch to more energy efficient bulbs.

The way that LED lighting has progressed has been phenomenal. When they were first released people were initially, and quite rightly, put off by the sheer dullness of the bulbs that were being sold. Sure you saved energy but it was quite easy to see why, with very little light being emitted. Thankfully they have come a long way since then and have now been developed to fit almost any fitting, from domestic lamps and fridges, to commercial car parks or office spaces.

Although the quality of light remains high regardless of which LED bulb you use, the colour of the emitted light does vary. This means that you can choose how your space is lit, from warming reds and oranges, to cooler looking blues and whites. Whether for your home or commercial property, finding the right light colour for the area can be incredibly important to how well you adjust to LED lighting.

Energy meters are becoming more and more popular in homes too, as people look to reduce their energy consumption. What you will find with traditional and dated halogen bulbs is that your lighting will make up a huge proportion of your bills, especially during the winter and at night. By choosing a LED bulb you can massively reduce these costs and will immediately feel the difference in your monthly bill.

One way in which Halogen and LED vary is in the heat that they give out. A Halogen bulb will emit high temperatures throughout the year, which in summer means wasted energy and in winter nothing more than warm ceilings. The price will also vary, though in reality this is becoming less and less obvious the more advanced LED lighting gets. Whatever the price, LED’s are a long term investment that save you vast sums on your bills, compared to Halogen lights that may save you a few pounds on your bulbs.

We recommend LED lighting in every project we deliver, both domestic and commercial, as we truly believe in the energy and money saving properties they have. Speak to us today about how LED can be a benefit to you too and choose a more economical way to light up your space.